Cashmere Cabin Rental


Are you looking for cabin rental options near Cashmere, WA? Call us at Lodging at Lake Wenatchee today. Cabin vacations are becoming more popular day by day because of their convenient location and compact accommodation. If you are looking for similar Cashmere cabin rental options, you should give us a call without fail.

Our Cashmere cabin rental accommodations are located in the city’s heart and right in front of the water body. Therefore, you can spend your summer in the best way possible when you stay with us. These are a few of the Cashmere cabin rental options we have available:

  • 2 bedroom cabin
  • 3 bedroom cabin
  • Affordable cabins
  • One bedroom cabin

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Cashmere Cabin Vacations


If you are searching for options for Cashmere cabin vacations that come equipped with tons of amenities, we recommend you contact us. The facilities that you can see at our lake cabin rentals include furniture, furnishing, and even LED television. Moreover, at our Cashmere cabin vacations accommodation, you will get to enjoy an in-house washer and dryer.

Another feature that makes our Cashmere cabin vacations option a must consider is that there are kitchens available. Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in the lap of luxury without spending a fortune. You can consider our options for Cashmere cabin vacations when you need the following:

  • Renting log cabins
  • Cottage rentals
  • Renting getaway cabins
  • Cabin with fireplace

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Cashmere Lake Cabin Rentals


Near our Cashmere lake cabin rentals, you can also see several different tourist attractions and restaurants. Therefore, if you like to spend your vacation outdoors, you will have numerous activities to enjoy. Moreover, our cabin rental accommodations are also appropriate for kids. Overall, if you are traveling with your family, you can consider our Cashmere lake cabin rentals for your next vacation.

To ask us questions regarding our Cashmere lake cabin rentals, all you need to do is call the given helpline number. Our team will assist you in clarifying all your doubts and even understanding the booking process. Moreover, when you call us, you can even learn about the different cabins available. We even have the given types of Cashmere lake cabin rentals available:

  • Fishing cabins
  • Family cabin rentals
  • Furnished cabin rental
  • Large cabins

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