Riverfront Lake Wenatchee


If a vacation in nature is on your bucket list, book riverfront cabin rentals with Lodging at Lake Wenatchee! Whether you wish to travel in a group of 2 or 20, get in touch with us if living in riverfront cabins is what you want to experience.

In the summer months, you can indulge in beach exploration, swimming, boating, waterskiing, white-water kayaking, bird watching, windsurfing, and sailboarding. There are also the options of mountain biking, hiking, wildlife viewing, and bird watching. Skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and cross-country skiing are some activities to keep you busy if you spend time in our riverfront cabins at lake Wenatchee, WA during the winter season.

No matter what time of year and for how long you vacation, the time spent at our riverfront cabin rentals is sure to be:

  • Exciting
  • Relaxed and stress-free
  • Pleasurable
  • Memorable

Riverfront Cabins Lake Wenatchee


This picturesque region is a wonderful holiday getaway. Spending a few days here, taking in the stunning vistas and breathing in the fresh air, is an unmatched treat for all the senses. The experience becomes even more remarkable when you stay at one of our riverfront cabins at Lake Wenatchee.

We strive to offer you a ‘home away from home’ experience in our rustic country riverfront cabins. The privacy, quiet surroundings, and peaceful atmosphere offered by our riverfront cabins assures you of lodging that is drastically different from staying in a typical hotel.

At the same time, you can be sure of enjoying all the benefits that come with a hotel stay. These include a:

  • Clean and pleasant-smelling space
  • Comfortable bed
  • Well-equipped bathroom
  • Efficient heating/cooling system

The additional features of our riverfront cabins like a well-furnished independent kitchen, living room, backyard space, etc. enhance the comfort of your stay.

Riverfront Cabin Rentals Lake Wenatchee


We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure a fantastic vacation for our guests. When you come to us for riverfront cabin rentals at Lake Wenatchee, it is with the dream of spending some blissful days free from the usual pressures of daily life. We are determined that this is exactly how things turn out for you!

We contribute to your restful and refreshing vacation with the following features of our riverfront cabin rentals:

  • Excellent, easy-to-reach location
  • First-rate accommodations
  • Easy access to transportation facilities
  • Great prices

Want to know more about the riverfront cabin rentals available at Lake Wenatchee? Contact Lodging at Lake Wenatchee.